About Me

Hi, I’m Georges.

I’m a manager of the learning institute, instructional designer, corporate trainer, and technology specialist with project management experience.

My Achievements

As a person dedicated to transforming the learning institute into the digital knowledge hub of tomorrow, I focus on strategizing and planning to make sure that it is successful.

But even more importantly, what I am striving for is seeing positive change in learners’ lives due to the knowledge they gain through the digital tools provided at the institute.

There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing I have empowered individuals with the ability to think critically and apply their newfound skills in everyday life.

My Mission

It’s my passion to coach and develop people so they can reach their full potential.

I believe that everyone has the power to achieve greatness, and it is my mission to unlock that potential in everyone I coach.

My Whereabouts

I’ve worked internationally in MontrĂ©al, Dubai, and Jeddah. I have experienced many cultures and worked with people of different ethnicities.

My Simple Pleasures

I love walking, swimming, and traveling.

I enjoy doing trips and activities with my wife and son. Besides, hanging out with friends every now and then recalibrates my sanity.

I also enjoy learning new skills and creating content as a way to relax.

Did I mention coffee and dark chocolate? đŸ™‚